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Voiceovers for Explainer Videos

screenflow explainer videos

Producing explainer videos for a voiceover course

Last year I started working as a Logic Trainer for MacProVideo. My first explainer video course comprised 27 videos on recording, editing and producing voiceovers in Logic Pro.

Recording the video with screenflow Producing the course involved getting pretty familiar with a screen recording software package called ‘Screenflow’, which enables you to produce incredibly polished and professional explainer videos by firstly recording your screen plus audio in real time, and then by allowing you to manipulate and edit the recorded video, add more audio, more video, zoom in, add captions, pictures, sound effects – in fact you can do pretty much anything to turn your plain old screen recording into an engaging and informative explainer video. It’s an amazing piece of software.
Get a free trial of Screenflow here.
screenflow explainer videos
Using Screenflow to record an explainer video about Logic Pro

Voiceover Workflow

My workflow for recording the voiceovers for the course was to record the screencast with Screenflow BUT at the same time record the voiceover into Logic. The voice recordings were made with a Neumann u87 microphone powered by a RME Fireface 400.

Then once finished I would be able to add a little compression and EQ and edit the voiceover quickly and easily in Logic (maintaining the timing references). Once completed I could then import the audio file into Screenflow, and I would have a nicely edited, processed & de-breathed voiceover all ready to work with.

Get in touch if you would like to have a professionally recorded voiceover for your screencast or  a promotional screencast or explainer video produced for your business.
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