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A Cappella Jingles for Advertising

Jingles which don’t jangle

I have been singing advertising jingles for over 20 years and there is one type of jingle I love to record more than any other… I’m talking about a cappella barbershop style jingles – jingles made up of just vocals¬†without musical instrumentation and full of rich double tracking and lovely close harmonies.

To produce them well takes quite some time and patience in the studio to get everything recorded spot on, but these days it’s certainly easier with the help you can get from things like Logic Pro’s flex time and flex pitch.
Here’s a recent example of an a cappella jingle – ok there is a tiny bit of electric piano but it’s predominately made up of about 14 tracks of vocals. Have a listen…


Or how about an a cappella jingle for a pine shop…



If you’re interested in having a jingle recorded for your business or client, you can contact Jono on 07738 470011 – or use the contact form here.

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