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Reaper glitches and tails missing when rendering EWSO Play with offline bounce

This can affect rendering tracks to stems as well as bouncing out or rendering your project.

With the default render setting of full speed offline, Reaper tries to render at the fastest possible speed. This can cause problems with instruments with long release tails (e.g. strings). It’s easy to change this in the main render dialogue – just change it to 1x offline and all should be fine.

If you want to render tracks to stems, it’s more tricky as there is no dialogue to change the render process. But you can do it with an action:

You’ll need the SWS extensions installed. Go to the action list and search for: ‘Toggle render speed (apply FX/render stems) realitime / not limited.‘ I created a shortcut so I can toggle the render speed easily. If unlimited render causes glitches toggle to realtime.

Render tracks to stems obeying time selection…

While we are rendering stems – which can be done by right clicking the track and looking for the render/freeze options. There is another SWS action that will render tracks to stems BUT obeying time selection – rather than whole project. Just search for Render tracks to stereo stem tracks, obeying time selection. Create a shortcut for that one too if you render stems often.

Discussion of this problem: