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Working with video in Reaper – separating the audio from the video file

When you import a video file into Reaper with audio on it – it comes in as one file / one item.
So if you try and edit the audio – you’ll be editing the video too.
This is the quickest way I have found to work with the audio on a video in Reaper.

  • Import video file into Reaper
  • Duplicate the track – label the top one video only and the duplicate Audio
  • Mute the Audio track
  • Select the video track, ‘View’ the video (Shift Cmd V) and right click on the footage – choose video properties
  • Select Ignore Audio and OK
  • Move the payhead and the video track will lose it’s waveform. Minimise the video track
  • If you want to you could hit the route button on the video track and uncheck the master parent send
  • Unmute the audio track. We still have video on this track so to get rid of it select the item – right click and choose Glue
  • That will convert that item to a WAV file and so Audio Only
  • Start editing!